Day 321

DAY 321

It had never been my life‘s ambition
To bring into fruition
More than one nationality
Now I am going for number three
(If you count East Germany )

You will not believe it
I got married today
In a snowflake flurry
To the Isle of Theresa May

We have been courting
For 25 years
Mutually supporting
Each other as peers

We shared many a sandwich
We did not need stealth
I learned your language
And helped with your health

The last 18 months have been very hard
As somehow you refused to play your part
I thought we‘d agreed to stay together
Facing the worse and the better

We have come to an agreement
That allows me to vote
To voice my opinion
And For you to take note

From today I am British
I am happy to say
I no longer feel skittish
About being able to stay

The ceremony was respectful
To the seven of us
Who boarded successful
The citizen bus

They gave us some  shortbread
And a wee cup of tea
Then we left city chambers
Deportation anxiety free

There is still a chance that we may part
You are asking why?
Well- there is the issue of Scotland
For a start



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