Back to Glasgow on the train

Beautiful countryside

Going past Dunblane

Here I go for another test

When can I give it a rest?

Now I am going to prove I speak the lingo

I have only once participated in bingo

But that is numbers in rhyme

I prefer rhyming words anytime

I have learnt about first pass the post

Become an expert at cooking a Sunday roast

And also learnt to love beans on toast

Don’t worry I will not bore you with dishes

I can demonstrate my ability talking even about fishes

I can talk about depression and anxiety

Or about parties and sobriety

My topic shall be my Scottish life

Which is mostly without strife

At least it was before Brexit

You already know I don’t want to exit

Even at school I loved learning other tongues

Finding out about words and songs

I find it quite compelling

To be correct in the art of spelling

I know when to use a hyphen or dash and manage not to make a language hash

Off I go- it has to be done

This is the end of part one


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