Whilst I was waiting

The TV showed the debating

Of the 27 EU states

Who are no longer Britain’s mates

They agreed for the negotiations (of)

Brexit to be ‘firm and fair’

Will things be less up in the air?

Money Britain needs to pay and

Allow European citizens to stay-

Then they took me into the examination patch

Locked away my Fitbit and watch

Rolled up my sleeves again

To see there was nothing written on my arms in pen

In another room airy and bright

My passport went under a light

To see if it was true

And my photograph was taken too

I had to count to ten twice

And show behind my ear was no hidden device

Whilst waiting for my interview call

I studied the world map on the wall

Little gems showed all the places

People had come from for examination of their language cases

The exam itself felt like a very nice chat

We talked about my life in Scotland and that

About skiing and Perth

And gave the Brexit topic a wide berth

The 10 minutes went quick

We got through the topics very slick

It felt almost like talking to a friend

Who with gladly time you spend

From the other room I collected my stuff

And hoped her marking would not be too tough

But hey hey hey

She gave me an ‘A’

I will add this document new

To my citizenship papers and

Attempt submission round two

Now I am back on the train

Just passing Dunblane


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