Similarities and differences

Whilst the outcome of the Brexit refendum left me paralysed for 7 months the announcement of a snap election on 8th June makes me feel like a coiled up spring. Since I made the decision to apply for British citizenship to be able to have a vote I have been on quite a roller-coaster ride; feeling positive with a hope of empowerment, then frustrated about having to provide evidence of my knowledge of this country- a knowledge that often is not present in people who have lived here all their life and are British citizens by birth. I have filled in forms and passed the ‘Life in the UK test’ and have just started to feel slightly calmer again because I have been able to make an appointment with the Nationality checking service. These appointments are quite rare to come by and the appointment i was given was three weeks hence. I am unsure whether only very few appointments are given out or if there is a big rush on them. Anyway there I was feeling quite calm as surely the next election was about two years or so away ans surely by then my quest would be resolved. Imagine how I felt when the snap election was announced- in seven weeks. I will not be able to vote. I do not think this will put me into paralysis again- but how will I be able to uncoil that wound up spring inside me? I am wondering how many European citizens who could not vote in the Brexit referendum will be able to vote in this general election. I regret a bit that I did not start my journey to citizenship sooner- but maybe thinking that my vote would make a difference is wishful thinking? I do hope there will be a big turn out and not voting malaise.



One thought on “Similarities and differences”

  1. Claudia – I’m sorry that you will not be enfranchised for the probable General Election in June. However do not feel too badly about it as our absurd ‘first past the post’ voting system, means that only a tiny proportion of the electorate – those swing voters in marginal seats – have votes that matter. Perth and North Perthshire is not one of those seats as the SNP will just about certainly win it.

    One of the absurdities of Brexit is that the Leavers maintained that the EU was somehow not democratic. The reality is the opposite – the EU parliament is elected by proportional representation – and it is Westminster which really lacks democratic status. However I wouldn’t say this is your citizenship interview!


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