For all who ask

Am I British at last

I have to declare

I’m not yet there

The next challenge is

What gets me in a tizz

I have to wait

To get phoned with a date

To submit

My application for citizenship

The test is passed

It was a blast

What makes me feel bleak

Is how to prove that I can speak

Without having to sit another test-

I think my English is the best

Or maybe just quite good

Anyway I am not in the mood

It is the language I dream

And the one I use to scream

When I shed a tear

Or contemplate in fear

If I could

To the Home Office speak I would

To make them confess

They need people like me in the NHS

When things were rough

And there were not enough

Doctors and nurses around

From Europe they were found

Please let me stay

My English is okay

I have done as you asked

And seriously completed the task

I would like this process to be completed

At the citizenship ceremony be seated

Until I know if I have been successful

My life will continue to be quite stressful
















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