The big lie

Cast your eyes back

A couple of weeks

Of getting my residency I delightedly speak

The document I had so much sought

Turns out to be somewhat of a fraught

Sit yourself down and

Hear the tale

Considering it

Makes me go quite pale

To register for the ‘Life in the UK test’

You have to prove your ID-

A passport being the best

You then need to use the same ID-slip

To send away for your citizenship

So there I thought I was being clever

And using my residency document

Would be better

I can hang on to my passport

If I want to fly from an airport

I made a query

The amount of emails that were sent

Made both sides quite weary

They advised me to use my passport as the document

I chose to comply

Even if it was not quite obvious why

Imagine yesterday my surprise

I found out

And now I am wise

There was this young man

from the EU

He had come to Glasgow

To sit the test too

He had registered with the much coveted document

And thought it for the best

Only to be told

He could not sit the test

The shiny blue document was obsolete

(at least for the test)

Because it did not have an expiry date

That made me think

And I overheard

The valid one is pink

So what is the blue card we got sent?

To make us think

Forever life in Britain we could spend?

A card that looks official

But is not beneficial

It makes me feel quite sick

It is a rather nasty trick

Is it thought to placate

So that we would quietly vacate?

That the government can claim

To have reached their immigration reduction aim?

I hope that you dare

To press the button to share (the blog)

As probably all of you have on your sofa

Friends and family who were born in Europa















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