I went through to Glasgow

I went on the train

I had lots of notes

More revision again

I did get there early and sat on a bench

With my blue and white jumper

I looked rather French

I gave up my Fitbit and gave up my watch

To show I had not written

Inside the catch

Had my glasses inspected and the back of my neck

They were very thorough

What did I expect?

After doing the sample

I started for real

Much to my relief

It was not such a big deal

There was Charles the second

Who hid in an oak and

The battle of Waterloo did not

involve a soak

Get to know your neighbour

And I forgot the rest

24 questions

Get 18 right and you pass the test

I kept ticking the boxes and

knew I was in with a shout when

It took me 10 minutes to get in and out

Am back on the train home

And feeling the best

In case you are wondering

I did pass the test

They asked only little

I knew so much more

They would not at the end

Even give me my score

I got a red stamp

On my piece of paper

This is the one

I will present later

To get a decision on my British vision

To get the important note

Which will allow me to vote



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