Test Angst

Apparently the questions of the real test are not the same

as the sample ones- what a shame

So a quick sleep to an early rise

To dig deep

And get more wise

In learning I have got quite proficient

My sleep however not so efficient

My head is never quite free

As I wake up each night at three

So far i have learnt a lot

But I do feel I am losing the plot

Some beautiful words

swing around in my head like swords

Epitaph- a phrase inscripted on a tomb stone

Cenotaph- a monument to warriors who are not buried near home

Was it in January Henry VIII died?

Let there be an end soon to my plight

Why can’t i prove my commitment by writing an essay?

Will I go casual or a bit dressy?

What will it be like?

I check on the map

It’s a bit of a hike

Will I get in a flap

to the test centre?

Will I get searched as I enter?

Will it be like a real exam?

Will they make sure

I have not written on my arm?

Two days left

to read the book again

To squeeve some more facts into my brain

I feel rather weepy

Or maybe just sleepy

It’s soon half past four

Time to give it a snore


One thought on “Test Angst”

  1. Your should change your profession…..poet in the making. Good luck i for one hope we can keep you…if your sent back you might qualify for a tax rebate tho 😘


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