Ode to Cry

Brexit has started and

Britain will be parted

From the continental space

Where it had its place

since 1973

Now Britain voted to be free

If you shoot yourself in the foot you have to hop

Brexit might just turn out to be a flop

Europe is so much more than Economy

It is about not having an enemy and

working as a team and

having a shared dream

I don’t think you want to admit that -Brexit queen

20000 laws needing to be rewritten

This might just be too much for Great Britain

It is a fundamental flaw to think

you can live without a law

Whilst all this is going on I try my best

to prepare for the ‘Life in the UK test’

My British knowledge is getting quite sound

The biggest coin is for 2 pound

But hang on the quid coin is no longer round

There are still some foods I have never had

Ulster fry I have yet to try

Sometimes I take to soft bread dissing

as continental bread is what I am missing

But don’t be foolish

I buy polish

I hope we can keep an open mind and maybe even reconsider

before all is signed

This has been my home for over 20 years

Sometimes I struggle to hold back the tears

On this country I have been doting

But was not allowed to participate in voting

It is no longer only about wanting to stay

Now it is about wanting to have a say










Britain will be parted


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