When I was young

I grew up in a mansard

today I am thinking of Hansard and

Bosworth Battle ended the war of the roses and

Black Death brought a pocket full of posies and

Butterworth and Wandsworth and Wordsworth- who was the poet?

Steve Redgrave – did he sail it or row it?

Drake sailed round the world in the Golden Hind and

you pay 50% less on your TV licence if you are blind and

the welsh and the northern Irish have an assembly and

Glasgow has the SECC and London has Wembley and

12 or 15 people on a jury and which court settles what-

I try to remember with fury

I could go on forever

Does that mean I might be clever?

Or maybe just dedicated (hopefully not leading to be medicated)

My head keeps spinning

my friends have long stopped grinning

here she comes with more facts

where do you find out about parliamentary acts?

In the Hansard

Never knew I would find out about that when I grew up in my mansard.








Bosworth Battle


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