Tick tock unlock

Last weekend we spent an hour in this place in Glasgow to try to get out of a room through solving puzzles and getting clues to find the various padlock combinations -battle of Hastings 1066 was one of them. That fact will be in my brain for a long time now. We made it out with two minutes to spare- phew.

The clock is ticking again- to get in. Well- I am allowed to stay already but I want a vote- and in the current political turmoil who knows how soon there might be one again. In confident mode after getting the residency (helped by a Gin & Tonic) I booked my Life in the UK test date- I have 9 days to be confident and knowledgeable. Better get studying.

I also looked up the form I will have to fill in- interesting group of people who are recognised as being allowed to support ones application for citizenship. The second one can be anyone with a British passport. The first one includes optician and funeral director- not sure which one to go for. I thought doctors might be included in the list of trusted people – but not.

I now know where ‘beyond the Pale comes from’, James VI and James I were the same person, why Richard III remains were found under a car park in York. Today’s new word is ‘carding’- the process of preparing  fibres for spinning into yarn and fabric. And to all you curry lovers out there- you have to thank Sake Dean Mahomet who came to Britain in 1782 and opened the Hindoostane Coffee House which was the first curry house in Britain. He and his wife also introduced ‘shampooing’ which is not the art of washing your hair but Indian head massage.

I am finding this all rather interesting but after two hours am now ready for lunch- Scottish smoked salmon on polish rye bread. Bon Appetit


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