Safe uncertainty

I have just arrived at home and found a big envelope. Looking at it I was hopeful that it contained all my original documents that I had handed over with my residency application. When I opened the envelope there is a letter and a blue card. From that looks at me my photograph. This is my UK Residence Documentation for a national of an EEA state. I can not believe the sense of relief I feel, I want to cry. I could not have predicted my reaction to this as I have not wanted to feel stressed by the uncertainty and have tried or thought I did just carried on as normal. I guess in my emotional state I have today moved from unsafe uncertainty to safe uncertainty- from not knowing what my position in Britain is after Brexit is triggered  to at least knowing that I have a right of residency. it also says on the front of my new blue card: you are advised to produce this document to the immigration officer whenever you leave or enter the United Kingdom. This makes me feel slightly uncomfortable and potentially singled out. I will have to work out over the next few days why that evokes that feeling in me. For today though I think it will be a Gin and Tonic and some more reading of British history and off course working out what needs to be done for step 2- applying for British citizenship.


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