women’s day on 8th March is a day I grew up with. Every year in school we would make cards- mostly for our mothers but also for teams of women working together. There was no celebration of Mother’s day or Father’s day- but there was also International Children’s day on 1st of June and Teacher’s day on 12th June. We used to make cards for our teacher and give them flowers. The flowers I associate with Teacher’s day are lupins and lilac- usually nicked rather than bought. When I drove to work this morning and listened to Radio 3 there was a special program on because of International Women’s day and it immediately lifted my mood- not because it was the special day for women but because of a connection to something familiar , something that has accompanied me all my life. This does not mean I have been aware of ‘special’ days constantly but it makes me reflect on which things have changed in my life over time and where there have been constants. So far I have had 20+ years in my then country and 20+ years in my now country. The woman in charge is meeting tomorrow with the EU leads and then she will pull the trigger- or maybe that is not quite the same as triggering Brexit? So the next 20+ years will bring quite a few challenges and big changes and I wonder what constants can I hang on to?

I might change my citizenship, my knowledge on British history is increasing as I work my way through the test MCQs. Definitely my age will change. I think I will try and keep some things of my then home, some customs, some quirks that define me as a person, as a woman , as a mother, as a wife and a citizen.


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