I demonstrated with friends for Europe. Today I went back to reality and did some preparation for the (hopefully) upcoming ‘Life in the UK’ test. There is a book with 5 chapters and I think I should make that the next suggestion for our book group. We can then do a test and find out how much my British friends know about life in Britain.I have to admit I am going at this rather haphazardly. After passing the first two tests with a high score and feeling rather smug I then spectacularly failed the next two. That made me decide to actually read about life in the UK. The chapter I thought I would start with was the forth- Modern, thriving society. It tied in nicely with some of the interests I have. One of them is classical music. I did not know that Georg Friedrich Haendel became a British citizen in 1727. Skiing is another love of mine. I did not know that the dry ski slope in Edinburgh is the longest in Europe. I also like anything to do with water. I did not know that Loch Lomond is the largest expanse of fresh water in mainland Britain. Last night was the Oscars ceremony and I had always assumed Charlie Chaplin was American but he was British. I did not know that. I also love reading and did not know that Graham Greene was British and wrote Brighton Rock. I was also surprised to find out that many of the painters working in Britain in the 16th and 17th century were from abroad (possibly from what is today Europe?). British artists became well known from the 18th century onward.

Maybe the next chapter I should look at is ‘What is the UK?’



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