now and sunny later. This was how a friend addressed a letter to me a few years ago. I guess it related to my insistence of having my name pronounced ‘right’. Referring to the 40 ‘most British things’ a couple of blogs back- number 35 is  Not correcting someone when they pronounce your name wrong- I have to say that one is very difficult for me. The english Claudia does not do it for me at all. Whereas Cloudia sounds ‘right’. When I got the letter I was delighted . It tickled my sense of humor but also has made me think intermittently maybe I need to change the spelling of my name officially. You are probably wondering how this ties in with Brexit and applying for British citizenship?

At the moment I am working and ‘contributing’ -one of the things welcome and appreciated Pete Wishart (MSP) was keen to convey to the large group of Europeans who he invited for a meeting just before Christmas. The question which I have not seen addressed anywhere is: What is the position of the government towards retired European citizens? Will they be entitled to the same amount of care and consideration as retired British citizens? So when I need nursing home care will that be available to me and if so will I be addressed by my name in a way that I recognise it? Or worse I might have developed dementia and with that lose my ability to speak and understand English and then it might not matter if I am Claudia or Cloudia.

I have not heard anything about my application for residency. Maybe it is a bit early to expect that three weeks after handing over all my original documents. Documents I will need to prove that I have contributed. I feel quite uneasy at times.



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