is where your heart is. Mine is here. Just back from a week in Austria. We loved our time on the slopes. It was very busy. I heard lots of different languages- some of them I could not identify at all. That made me think of when my friend’s 4 year old daughter asked her why I spoke a different sandwich. My sandwich-language has improved since I came here first and I do love speaking English. I love the humour here and always look forward to comedy on TV on a Friday. In the 90s I occasionally spent a Friday night with friends in Glasgow and struggled through some episodes of’ Frasier’ ( I do know it is not British- well apart from Daphne). I was delighted when I was given the whole set a few years ago. i insist i do have a sense of humour!

On reflection it did take quite a few years to become embedded. I think of it as creating shared history. When I went out in the first few months with friends from work it usually only took about 20 minutes for people to talk about their favourite children’s TV programmes. This made me very quickly tune out and feel not part of the group. It was hard to take part in conversations about things that happened before I arrived in this country. I do not feel like that now. I am approaching half my life in Britain. I have friends who I have known for over 20 years, have shared stories and lots of sandwiches of the food variety.

I love coming back after a trip away, love driving over the Forth Road Bridge or past the Trossachs, love cycling the wee hills not far from my home, love the diversity of foods, love reading books in English. When I go shopping I do not feel like a foreigner I feel I belong. I feel at home.


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