Registration is something I had already tried to get many years ago. I had forgotten about it. When I left my then home I was required to deregister. I was given a stamped piece of paper and told to register at my new address. Like a good citizen (of the world I presume) I went to the police station in Stornoway and asked where I would register. They were quite flummoxed by my request but had a rummage about in some drawers and produced a pink and a blue form. They were very amused as nobody had ever asked that question before. They decided  I did not need to fill it in. This left me a bit confused and somewhat dislocated- I had always been registered somehow somewhere.

Some years later there were conversations about the possible introduction of an identity card and people did not like the idea. However now that my children have become of age I know the identity card here is called a provisional driving licence. And in my quest to gain residency I thought in order to have some form of ID I better get myself a photo driving licence. Much to my horror I discovered I had to send my passport away for that too. So I have to stick with my very old paper driving licence for now and maybe get that exchanged once I have negotiated the tricky question of getting a British passport.

My children have recently applied for a British passport. We had worked it to get the name from dad and nationality from mum but they really felt bi-national. So with Brexit looming the decision was made to make their Britishness official. Applications were sent. One passport arrived- for the child under 16. The other 2 were invited for interview- we were very surprised. Questions were asked about walks to school, direction to the station, age of the house they grew up in. They passed the test and got their passports. One could be mistaken in thinking that a British husband and 3 British children would count for something- but they are not.


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