I’m on my way

From misery to happiness or is it the other way round/ I always liked a bit of The Proclaimers- especially the one where he walks 500 miles. That makes me think of the 1000 miles that are between my now and my then home, about coming to Scotland all those years ago to a place I had only heard about in the weather forecast- the Outer Hebrides. How on day 3 I bought Fish  and Chips. Quite a unique experience. I could not finish it and crossed the road for years when passing a chippy. However I have overcome that and am now quite fond of it. How a friend warned me before I ordered my first curry ever not to ask for the hot one as he had done- thinking a hot curry was better than a cold one.

i am sitting on the train back from Glasgow where I had my passport officially copied and verified and the paper copy of my application for permanent residency taken of me to be processed by the Home Office. The process was short, the guys at reception nice, asking where I was from and telling me both had been there.

Now I can only wait and drink tea- an expression from my then home. well I have not got used to tea with milk. Does that mean I can not stay?


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