Day 1

I have decided to apply for British citizenship 6 months after being completely flummoxed by the Brexit referendum result.Waking up on the morning of my 50th birthday to a ‘yes’ vote was not what I had hoped for. Although watching the debates in the 2 weeks leading up to the referendum it appeared the result might just be that. I have felt quite paralysed since. In one part of my life I work in the NHS- being involved, in the thick of the other I have felt lonely, vulnerable and isolated in the past 6 months. This is despite being a resident in Scotland for more than 20 years with a Scottish family and various friendship groups. Initially I took it quite personal, wondered in each interaction ‘were they in or out’ or did they think I had no right to be here and I should leave the country? Then came the question ‘Should I leave the country? followed by I think I will be alright. The lassitude of the last 6 months has given away to ‘ I want to stay and I want to be able to vote!’ I want to have a say in the country I have chosen to live in and that has become part of me.

I never knew that in accordance with the Immigration Act 19971 I can be deported the day after Brexit is triggered if no agreement about Indefinite Leave to Stay for European citizens has been reached by then.



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